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Posted on 05, 20, 2023

Chae Eun Lee

Chae Eun Lee received

​우수 구두발표상

A New Approach to
Regenerative Medicine

A major goal of our research group is to develop advanced innovatory materials corresponding to immuno-cancer therapy, therapeutic growth factor delivery, exosome-mediated cancer detection delivery,  tissue engineering.

Representative Publications 

Surface Engineering of Natural Killer Cells with CD44-targeting Ligands for Augmented Cancer Immunotherapy

S. Kim, S. Li, A. K. Jangid, H. Park, D. J. Lee, H. S. Jung, and K. Kim

Small (2024)

Lipid Anchor-mediated NK Cell Surface Engineering for Enhanced Cancer Immunotherapy

S. Kim, S. Li, M. Gajendrian, A. K. Jangid, D. J. Lee, H. S. Jung, and K. Kim

Chemical Engineering Journal 473: 145211 (2023)

Tailoring Tumor-recognizable Hyaluronic Acid-Lipid Conjugates to Enhance Anticancer Efficacies of Surface-engineered Natural Killer Cells

C. Lee, S. Kim, H. Park, W. Lee, A. K. Jangid, Y. Choi, W. Jeong, and K. Kim

Nano Convergence 10(56): 1-13 (2023)

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